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Save Your Yard by Choosing Us for Mole Removal in Norwalk, CT

Full Service Pest Control in Fairfield, CT, Norwalk, CT, and all surrounding areas.

Though they aren’t a danger to your home or to you, moles and other lawn pests can do massive damage to your landscaping. The soft tunnels and holes they dig are often a broken ankle waiting to happen for your family and pets, and it only takes one mole. Phoenix Pest Control LLC is prepared to do the hard work of protecting your property through mole removal. In Norwalk, CT, moles often thrive on destroying gardens and lawns. Don’t let them take yours.

Moles are some of the hardest animals to catch because they’re underground so often and only eat live insects and earthworms. You can’t lay a poison trap for them like you would for other forms of pest control. Professional service like ours is easily the best solution, more so than any trap you could buy at a store. We use eco-friendly methods with excellent equipment. When we must use pesticides, we use only those registered by the EPA to keep your yard green.

Removing Outdoor Pests Everywhere and All the Time

You don’t have to stand there helplessly while the moles tear up your hard work; call us right away. Phoenix Pest Control’s is available day and night for homes and businesses. Our 25+ years of experience is always at your disposal. Once we arrive, you can bid those moles goodbye for good. We get them out of your hair completely while always keeping your safety in mind.

Why We’re the Ideal Option for Ditching Lawn Pests

There’s a reason our family-owned-and-operated business is one of the most trusted around. We’re fully licensed and certified by the state of Connecticut and start each job off right. To show you our expertise, our company offers an estimate, evaluation, and pest control consultation with a licensed supervisor--all at no cost to you. Our work gives you the greatest value around, and it shows.

Though we’re a local family business, we’ve attained membership in or are associated with quite a few professional organizations. They include:

  • National Pest Control Association
  • Connecticut Pest Control Association
  • National Pest Management Association
  • New England Pest Management Association
  • Connecticut Coalition Against Bed Bugs

Contact us at 203.857.0690 for Grade-A mole control, carpenter bees, and cockroach infestation. We can visit any property within Norwalk and Fairfield, Connecticut, and the nearby neighborhoods.