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Eco-Friendly Cockroach Removal in Norwalk, CT

Full Service Pest Control in Fairfield, CT, Norwalk, CT, and all surrounding areas.

Sometimes, the biggest threat to your home or business building is tiny. Take roaches for example. They’re small in size, but big in the ability to scare people. However, these insects are also dangerous as they carry and spread disease and filth. Plus, they are difficult to exterminate. For cockroach removal in Norwalk, turn to Phoenix Pest Control LLC.

The leaders of our company have more than 25 years of industry experience. We send you licensed technicians for pest control. Our technicians travel in unmarked cars, so the neighbors don’t need to know you have a problem with bugs. Call us to talk with one of our supervisors about the services you need.

What to Do About These Bugs

While you’re making your morning cup of coffee, your day turns bad when you spot a dead roach in the corner of the kitchen. When you’ve calmed down enough to think, we advise you to call our exterminators right away. Talk to one of our supervisors about your problem and how to eliminate it.

After a consultation with a supervisor, one of our technicians visits your home or business. This professional listens to what you say about the problem and then inspects your building. Not only are we looking for signs of roaches, but we’re also seeking a permanent solution. Rest assured that we use eco-friendly chemicals that are effective in wiping out your roach population. Expect to be presented with a written guarantee that details the problem, methods for pest control, and total payment.

Roaches Pose Problems for Home & Business Owners

Sure you can spray for roaches, and that kills some, but not all, of them. What’s needed is a treatment that’s powerful and removes roaches based on knowledge of this insect.  This is how we achieve success with cockroach removal.

In your home, these bugs cause fear and alarm to people and pets. Roaches get into all types of filth and carry that throughout your house. For health and safety, you need them removed in an effective, environmentally friendly manner. This is exactly what our technicians do.

At your place of business, cockroaches wreak havoc with customers and employees alike. Their presence makes your customers think your operation is not as well-maintained as it should be and your employees worry about cleanliness. Stop the roaches before they harm the reputation of your business. Reach out to our company for roach control.

Contact us at 203.857.0690, today, to provide you with a written guarantee for roach extermination. We proudly serve customers from Connecticut Norwalk and Fairfield, Connecticut, as well as the surrounding area. Be sure to ask about our other pest control services in Connecticut; including mole removal, mice removal, and termite inspections.